• Take a Picture with your webcam and send it to friends, family...

Email Webcam You can use it for free to send your snap shot with a little text.


Fast and esay EmailWebcam requires Flash and a Webcam


To snap an instant of photo, you'll need:

  • Any webcam will work.
  • Choose ALLOW in Flash settings box.
  • Snap a Picture.
  • Write any text (You can change the color).
  • Click on Start image picture.
  • Click on save image capture will appear.

Snap and share pictures of you and your friends using your webcam. With Emailwebcam you can quickly and easily take snapshots, then add a little message.


  • No Picture ? Try Test Your Webcam
  • Make sure the webcam isn't being used by another program.
  • Click ALLOW from Player Setting


With a click of a button, EmailWebcam allows you to instantly send your snapshots by your E-mail or by any Social Network!
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